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What's a Perdido?!

Perdido (per-dee-doh) in Spanish means Lost.  Fido (Fi-doh) in human talk means Pup.  Put that together and what do you get?  PerdidoFido! 


Basically, Mom wants to make sure me and my friends are never Perdido and always healthy. 


Bet you didn't know you'd be getting a Spanish lesson right now! 

Hmmm...what's Spanish for "give me all the treats?"

More to Come Soon!




Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Gunther.  I'm just a good old Baltimore pup who loves to play, loves to get into trouble but most of all, loves to be the best friend possible to my human, aka my Mom, Kayleigh.


She loves me so much and is always trying to think of ways to keep me happy, healthy and safe. 


This is what we're working on right now...

Welcome to PerdidoFido!

I have just been informed that this is not a toy (but let's be honest, anything is a toy if you try hard enough) but it's still super cool!

Mom says it is the first prototype to my GPS and vital health tracker!  Way to go!  2 enthusiastic paws up!

PerdidoFido is a GPS and vital health tracker that tracks my heart rate, temperature and breathing.  Once a month, all of my health info gets sent to my other favorite human, my veterinarian.  He looks over everything to make sure I am in tip top shape!  He's a pretty cool dude.  Gives me treats and lots of pets.  I dig him.

There are a whole bunch of other features like led lights that work on command if I'm ever out past curfew and a fun portal that handles all of my day to day needs.  Everyone needs a virtual assistant when you're a pup on the go like me!

A toy?  For me?!  Do my eyes deceive me?

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